Foust Ahead | Dmitry in Dubai: Rogozin grabs the highlight on the Global Astronautical Congress

Foust Ahead | Dmitry in Dubai: Rogozin grabs the highlight on the Global Astronautical Congress
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Rogozin and Melroy
Roscosmos Director General Dmitry Rogozin (left) speaks at a press convention Oct. 25 in conjunction with NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy (true) and an interpreter. Credit: SpaceNews/Jeff Foust

Some years on the Global Astronautical Congress (IAC), one individual emerges because the celebrity of the weeklong convention. Five years within the past, it was once Elon Musk, whose appearance in Guadalajara, Mexico, to discuss SpaceX’s subsequent-generation originate gadget turned the convention into a rock live efficiency — of us lining up hours in reach and rushing in as soon because the doorways opened — and likewise a minute bit of a circus, as his most ardent fans equipped him humorous books or kisses.

There was once no Elon Musk at this one year’s convention in Dubai, but there was once Martha Stewart. The domestic doyenne gave the impact enjoy an no longer in point of fact possibility to lope across continents to a dwelling convention, but there she was once on the convention’s final day, a part of a panel discussing sustainable meals pattern and its functions to deep dwelling exploration.

Stewart equipped a host of celebrity energy, but no longer a host of pizzazz. As a part of a nine-individual, hour-long panel, she didn’t dangle many alternatives to talk, and didn’t dangle that considerable attention-grabbing to assert when she did. She did converse an passion in going to dwelling sooner or later: “If William Shatner can attain it, I will attain it.”

The person that stole the display on the convention wasn’t Stewart or any of many novel or aged astronauts who spoke in Dubai. As a change, the no longer in point of fact middle of consideration, on the least on the convention’s opening day, was once Dmitry Rogozin, head of Roscosmos.

Rogozin grabbed the highlight by sheer force of will, particularly, his skill to talk, and talk, and talk. “I most attention-grabbing dangle five minutes to uncover you about our achievements,” he talked about for the length of a heads-of-agency plenary session on the convention, then proceeded to talk for practically 20 minutes. While having to be in contact by an interpreter contributed to a number of of that extra, he talked for a lot longer than the opposite five agency leaders on the panel, who stuck shut to their disbursed five minutes.

His feedback were a mix of updates on novel events, enjoy the filming of a movie on the ISS, to more aspirational visions of satellite constellations, reusable originate vehicles and a nuclear-powered mission to Jupiter. A reusable rocket he confirmed looked remarkably an identical to the Falcon 9; asked later about it, he gave a long-winded solution about charges and benefits of reusability earlier than acknowledging that what SpaceX has achieved “commends a host of appreciate.”

Rogozin kept the dignity at a press convention that followed, fielding question after question about dwelling tourism, novel rockets and the future of the Global Home Residing from Russian and global media, even after the moderator implored journalists to impeach questions of the opposite agency leaders on stage. The spectacle was once made even stranger by the gloomy sound gadget within the room that required newshounds to jog up the total reach to the stage to impeach their questions, enjoy supplicants coming scheme royalty.

While there was once a host of bluster from Rogozin, there was once also some news. Asked when he felt it would be protected for Russian cosmonauts to soar on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, he talked about that he believed it was once protected to attain so now, a observation that NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy, also on the convention, thought about vital in an interview later that day.

What in actual fact issues, though, were the conferences within the back of closed doorways, equivalent to one between Rogozin and Melroy that day after Rogozin’s celebrity flip on the convention. “It’s all about relationship building,” Melroy talked about in an interview after that assembly. “I felt magnificent that we continued to deepen the relationship.” There were, though, no breakthroughs on industrial crew or the long-length of time future of the ISS.

The Dmitry Rogozin Hide may per chance be a fleeting one for the IAC: with sanctions against him in field within the U.S. and Europe from his feature as deputy high minister in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea, it’s no longer in point of fact he’ll be capable to reprise his feature subsequent one year when the convention is in Paris. Maybe Elon can beget in as yet every other.


Jeff Foust writes about dwelling policy, industrial dwelling, and connected issues for SpaceNews. His Foust Ahead column looks in each and every field of the magazine. This column ran within the November 2021 field.

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