Identify of Product:

VidaXL Metal Pool Ladders


The steps of the ladder can loosen all the procedure in which via teach, posing drop and drowning hazards to the user.

Device end Date:

November 12, 2021

Device end Exiguous print


This bewitch entails two gadgets of VidaXL stainless metal pool ladders. The ladders measures 47 inches for above-floor pools with merchandise numbers (SKU) 93122 and 93188 printed alongside the keep on the horizontal bar in the A-body. The ladders luxuriate in an A-shape and set over the above floor pool edge. There are two gray or blue non-skid plastic steps on all sides of the ladder.


Buyers should always directly end utilizing the recalled pool ladders and contact VidaXL for a beefy refund. VidaXL is contacting all purchasers directly and could perchance perchance simply command customers to have two of the ladder’s steps and eliminate the steps and ladder in the trash.


The firm has obtained four experiences of falls off the pool ladders. No accidents were reported.

Online at from February 2021 via August 2021 for about $90.


VidaXL LLC, of Rialto, Calif.


This bewitch was as soon as performed, voluntarily by the firm, under CPSC’s Fast Video display Device end process. Fast Video display recalls are initiated by companies, who decide to work with CPSC to snappy squawk the bewitch and resolve to supply protection to customers.

In regards to the U.S. CPSC

The U.S. Particular person Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is charged with keeping the general public from unreasonable dangers of harm or loss of life linked with the utilization of hundreds of forms of particular person products. Deaths, accidents, and property injury from particular person product incidents cost the nation more than $1 trillion every year. CPSC’s work to make certain that the safety of particular person products has contributed to a decline in the fee of deaths and accidents linked with particular person products all the procedure in which via the final 40 years. Federal law bars any particular person from promoting products discipline to a publicly announced voluntary bewitch by a producer or a wanted bewitch ordered by the Commission.